Obligatories of foreigners

Obligatories of foreigners

1.1. 20011 an amendment for foreigners stay in Czech republic came in validity. It brings some changes, which we have included below.

Changes in handling of applications for long-stay foreigners.

It is your responsibility to file an application for long-term stay in embassy in their country. This means the country of which you are a citizen or in the country in which you, as a foreigner granted long-term or permanent stay.

Conditions applying for long-term / permanent stay

For applying for long-term or permanent stay, you must come in person to the regional office of the Interior Ministry.

Since May 2011 issued licenses of stay permits with biometric data.

The requirements for proof of accommodation

The application for long-term stay you must prove one of the following documents:

* Proof that you are the owner of a house or apartment

* Proof that you have an apartment or house permission to use

* Officially certified confirmation of the person who own‘s apartment or house and agrees with accommodation of foreigner

The requirements for proof of health insurance

Insurance for long-term or permanent stay in the Czech Republic you can conclude with any insurance company which has the right to conclude a travel insurance across the European Union or in a country of which you are a citizen or in which you are allowed to stay. In this situation, you must submit a certified translation of the insurance contract and the general conditions in the Czech language.

Upon request, you must also submit proof of payment for the entire stay. If you apply for long-term visa or a permit for long-term stay abroad, your insurance must cover costs associated with emergency and urgent health care, including costs associated with transporting. Indemnification must be in this case at least 60,000 Euros.

Extension of stay

When staying in the Czech Republic and apllying:

* The extension of the stay on a long-term visa

* The issue of a permanent residence permit

* The extension of that permit

You must always have proof of a comprehensive travel health insurance from an insurance company authorized to provide such insurance in the Czech Republic.

Demonstrating sufficient funds to stay

To prove the funds for permanent stay you must submit a document which shows that you have a regular income. The proof is:

* Extract from a bank account in your name

* Proof of financial security

* International credit card

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